Additional Services

Additional Services

I-44 Truck Center and Wrecker Service offers many additional services that include:

  • Load shifts
  • Load transfers
  • Offloading
  • Trailer swaps
  • Tractor swaps
  • Truck piggy-back services
  • Boat transport


We also provide full-service roadside assistance and repairs not only for tractors but also for trailers as well. Our trailer services include tires, brake chambers, electrical work, air lines and valves. We offer trailer patch work and repair for roofs, frames, doors, hinges, fifth-wheels, landing gear and lighting.

Our rotators are available for jobs such as lifting large items onto trailers, and lifting and placing equipment including air conditioning units, generators and machinery.

Community / Industry Affiliates

St. Clair, MO Police Department
Franklin County Sheriff Department
Missouri State Highway Patrol
Prime Inc.
CR England